Our Mission

Our mission is to assist clients find world class leaders who will improve the vigour and performance of their organizations. We have continuous access to leading executives around the world and exercise the highest level of discretion and judgement in every client search engagement.

Our client partner’s benefit from our multicultural and cross functional approach as every consultant has a unique blend of professional search experience and deep industry expertise in their local and global markets. Our consultants know the nuances of their environments in terms of its business issues, challenges and trends affecting the search positively with appropriate candidates.

To maximize sector specialization and knowledge sharing across the firm, our search teams are organized into industry and functional practices. State-of-the-art technology, top-rated associates and creative researchers support our Client Engagement teams.  The teams regularly work with colleagues across international borders, reflecting the global reach of our clients and the world class candidate pool.

Our Values

We recognize that as  executive search professionals, the awareness we bring, the counsel we impart and the solutions we offer can have a significant impact on the clients business we serve and on the individual candidates careers and lives;  and take these responsibilities with utmost care and consideration.

We believe that open, regular communication, discretion and transparency of operations are essential to all successful working partnerships.

Our code of professional ethics demands that we manage our relationships with our clients, candidates and colleagues with great care, integrity and mutual respect. We advise with courage without prejudice and treat sensitive information with the utmost respect and discretion.

Most importantly we value quality — the quality of the engagement we provide our clients and the manner in which we treat our candidates, whether we have been retained to recruit a senior executive, advise a board or conduct a global leadership succession initiative.

Diversity Shapes our Future

We at Able Fisher believe and support equal opportunities and access for all. Our international team understands our clients emerging and varying needs. Recruiting in Europe, EMEA, the US, South East Asia and Asia, Able Fisher relies on the existing diversity of its international team in offices around the globe.

Today’s business environment is characterized by rapid changes and uncertainties, new markets are emerging and technologies are further developing, enabling a great global competitiveness forcing companies to alter and adjust.

Bringing competitiveness into focus, companies understand that human capital has become their most valuable asset. With its different background and perspectives, a diverse workforce adds value to the bottom line, which is why acquiring and retaining talents is being emphasized by businesses.

Especially gender diversity is a present topic and has become increasingly important. Evidently, gender diversity has great influence on a company’s corporate performance thus there is a great demand for high qualified and skilled females in executive positions.

Thus, we take advantage of not only internationality and culture but also our diverse experience, as for our professional backgrounds, different perspectives and skills for emerging market opportunities in our operating fields.