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This is delivered through an in-depth knowledge of the industry at all levels. We endeavour to successfully build and nurture long term relationships with both our executives and client partners. Our core specialisation and unique focus covers: Fashion/Luxury, Advertising and Marketing, Business and Professional Services, Clean Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, eBrands, Industrial and Natural Resources, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Media and Telecom(s) and Travel, Leisure and Hospitality. In essence, this encapsulates all the industries in which we operate.

Our mission is to strive for excellence, quality, exceed our own and our clients expectations and create the finest pool of genius and talent globally.

- Our Mission

Our Process

Our strength derives from the fact that Able Fisher is dedicated exclusively to meeting the hiring demands of the consumer goods segment with a particular emphasis on retail, luxury goods, cosmetics, accessories, digital, hospitality and FMCG. Our business focuses on helping our clients with their Human Capital requirements, problems and strategy. This focus enables us not only to complete our searches, but also to help build the mega brands of tomorrow.

Our Methods

We approach every search we undertake through a process that focuses on the specific needs of our clients, while considering the widest range of potential candidates. The following are the fundamental stages of our search process:

 Our first step is to undertake extensive desk research to determine the brands within which potential candidates should be sought. This is followed by identification of appropriate individuals, discussions with knowledgeable sources, networking and informal reference checking. This phase takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

Able Fisher retains contact with the client throughout the search and we would have a strategy meeting at the end of the research phase. Able Fisher would present a comprehensive report on the ground covered, the people identified, their experience and salary levels and any other issues arising from our extensive reconnaissance

This report gives both the client and Able Fisher the chance to evaluate the initial hypothesis as to the type of individual sought against specific profiles. The outcome of this meeting would be a very clear definition of the priority candidates we would process.

 The next step would be to interview numerous candidates and set deadlines for interviews and feedback to you and the candidate(s) as well as to discuss any off-limits.